Our mailbox needed some serious love. I found the poor thing knocked over by the snow plow for the third time this month and decided it was time to give it the attention it was screaming for!

Here it is before:

2013-01-22 10.57.46

I made a trip to ‘trusty ol’ Wal Mart’ and picked up two cans of “Hammered Copper” spray paint (the exterior stuff), a can of cheap “white” spray paint and a package of “peel and stick” letters and numbers. I decided to go with the “Hammered Copper” because I liked that it was sort of rustic and thought it would hide some of the rust and imperfections well!

I first prepped the mailbox by sanding a cleaning the surface and sprayed the area the letters w

ould reveal with the white spray paint.

2013-01-22 11.09.55

 I let the white spray paint dry a few hours before peeling and sticking the stickers so that they wouldn’t peel the white paint. While it was drying I laid out the stickers in their places so that the spacing was centered.

Once the stickers were adhered I sprayed the “Hammered Copper” spray paint by using long blasts about

 10-12 inches away from the mailbox. I repeated these steps so that both sides of the mailbox were identical and finished it off by spraying the top, back and door flap the same way.

Here it is after:
2013-01-22 15.15.29
Looks pretty darn good doesn’t it?

I’m going to let the paint dry overnight and get Wes to reinforce it to it’s post at the end of the driveway tomorrow, so you’ll have to come back then for the updated finale!


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Here it is Ladies and Gents…

My FIRST of [hopefully] many blog posts!

For Christmas this year Wes bought me my precious Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Let me have a moment to gush about how much I love it and it’s way of making things look and taste ten times better..Mmm!

Wes is my boyfriend by the way- he’s equally amazing! I’m sure he’ll love that I’m comparing him to the mixer.

Anyways, we have been renovating our home over the past year and have neglected to do much in the kitchen- which is silly since some of us spend A LOT of time in there. That was until I got the mixer! It just didn’t look right sitting upon an old, desperate looking counter.

Conveniently enough, Wes was gifted a wet-tile saw.. Of course light bulbs flashed and sparks flew [in my head] -we’ll tile the counter!

And so the reno began..


First we removed the electrical outlets and the old back splash. And disconnected the faucet and removed the sink- the grunge under the lip of sink was NOT pretty so I soaked it for a few minutes with water and vinegar and wiped it clean.

We decided to cut the edge of the counter square to make it easier to tile and removed the drawers so they weren’t in the way of the saw.

IMAG0091 Wes glued and screwed 2 strips of plywood to the edge of the cut counter to match up with back splash.


Next, we laid out our tiles in the pattern that we wanted and Wes made the cuts that were necessary. We used pennies rather than tile spacers to get a thinner grout line.

While Wes finished making cuts I started to mix the mortar. This is a messy, tedious step! Especially when you don’t have a concrete mixer attachment for your drill. You want the consistency of peanut butter, but I’m telling you- that stuff is heavy to mix by hand! I was even tempted to whip it up in the stand mixer, but shot that idea down fast after envisioning cupcakes iced in mortar.

We then spread the mortar and and set the tiles!




By the end of Day 1 we had the counter top tiled and the mortar cleaned off the tops- another time consuming messy job!

But the end result was nearing!


We started Day 2 by laying out the pattern for the back splash and again, making the necessary cuts. This was a little more time consuming as there were a lot more cuts because of the detailed design pattern. We went with square tiles separated with a thin band and finished off the day by cleaning and preparing the grout lines by removing the mortar that seeped up the sides of the tile and into the cracks.

Day 3 we began by sealing the tile with a high gloss sealer and waited the recommended hour before grouting. We sealed before grouting because we found that most DIY sites said this step would help to make the grout clean up easier and since we were using a matte tile and wanted more of a glossy finish we figured doing this would help us achieve our desired “look”.

Mixing the grout was a lot easier then mortar as the consistency needed to be more like mayonnaise rather than peanut butter.

I don’t care what anyone tells you- grout is not easy to clean! The less mess you make while trying to fill the gaps the better, obviously! If you’re not professional tilers, which we definitely are NOT I would certainly recommend you only grout a 3 by 3 section and clean the tiles as you go- otherwise you will spend HOURS of your Sunday evening cleaning and scrubbing, and cleaning and scrubbing and cleaning and scrubbing..

We found that having one of us clean the tiles with a damp sponge and the other following behind with a dry cloth really helped to remove that grout “haze”.

The best way to test if your grout is dry is to press your thumb nail into it- if it leaves a mark it’s not dry, if it doesn’t than you’re ready to seal!

We used a grout sealer ‘spray’  from Home Depot to saturate the grout lines and wiped away the excess with a damp cloth.

The high gloss finishing seal that we put on the tiles at the end really boosted the color and gave us that wet-glossy look we were going for and since we had put a coat on before grouting,  we only needed one more to “seal the deal”!!

2013-01-07 10.43.22 (2)

 Isn’t it lovely?! I am so impressed with the end result AND the fact that my mixer now has a beautiful space to call home.


Budget Planner Printable

This past week I’ve been so stressed about what bills are due, which have been paid and how much money we’ll come out of this month with. I’m sure a lot of you are feeling that way after the holiday’s too! So, I’ve created a budget and finances planner for our family and thought I’d adapt it a little so that I could share it with you! I got the idea from Kelly and her Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking– she’s so inspirational and ORGANIZED!

Remember, the free printables are only available for 30 days so make sure you get them while they’re free!


Budget Planner PG 1//3

BUDGET PLANNER PG. 2/3Budget Planner PG. 2/3


Budget Planner PG. 3/3