A surprise to-be AND a free printable?

Oh my goodness! Can you believe it’s the end of January already? I am overwhelmed with how quickly this month flew by!

I’ve been so busy the past few days preparing an exciting post series surprise for my fellow followers that I completely lost track of the date! Sheesh.

Any-who, you’ll have to come back on Friday February 1st for the reveal!

But, to tie ya’ll over til then I’ve created a lovely little free printable tool that I believe is essential for all households!

Household Binder Printable Collection
[insert oo’s and ah’s here]

This is where you’ll conveniently be able to keep all of your family and home’s important information. Obviously I didn’t come up with the idea my self- there are plenty of printable sheets for the making of a home binder on the internet and other blogs.

I did try to collaborate all of the key ingredients I found out there into this handy dandy collection, but if there is anything you think I should add, leave a comment and I’ll consider adding it down the road!





Our mailbox needed some serious love. I found the poor thing knocked over by the snow plow for the third time this month and decided it was time to give it the attention it was screaming for!

Here it is before:

2013-01-22 10.57.46

I made a trip to ‘trusty ol’ Wal Mart’ and picked up two cans of “Hammered Copper” spray paint (the exterior stuff), a can of cheap “white” spray paint and a package of “peel and stick” letters and numbers. I decided to go with the “Hammered Copper” because I liked that it was sort of rustic and thought it would hide some of the rust and imperfections well!

I first prepped the mailbox by sanding a cleaning the surface and sprayed the area the letters w

ould reveal with the white spray paint.

2013-01-22 11.09.55

 I let the white spray paint dry a few hours before peeling and sticking the stickers so that they wouldn’t peel the white paint. While it was drying I laid out the stickers in their places so that the spacing was centered.

Once the stickers were adhered I sprayed the “Hammered Copper” spray paint by using long blasts about

 10-12 inches away from the mailbox. I repeated these steps so that both sides of the mailbox were identical and finished it off by spraying the top, back and door flap the same way.

Here it is after:
2013-01-22 15.15.29
Looks pretty darn good doesn’t it?

I’m going to let the paint dry overnight and get Wes to reinforce it to it’s post at the end of the driveway tomorrow, so you’ll have to come back then for the updated finale!


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