DIY Burlap Table Runner

There are two things in this life that you will learn I am absolutely OBSESSED with [maybe a few more than two..] but, the MAIN things: Burlap and Mason Jars.BURLAP_RUNNER

I originally came across the idea of a Burlap Table Runner on Etsy and it quickly became top priority on the DIY list.

I learned previously that burlap is a really smelly fabric and should be aired out for at least 24 hours before you use it in a project, so learn from my mistakes!

Materials Used:

Burlap Fabric
Lace Fabric
Natural Coloured Thread

Tools Required:
Sewing Machine
Tape Measure
I ordered the burlap fabric from an Etsy store and it arrived in about 2 weeks. The lace was left over from a previous project, as was the thread.


Always try to use the factory edge of your burlap fabric [shown above] in your project, it saves you time and gives you a straight edge to work with. Burlap isn’t always perfectly cut so when purchasing the fabric, ensure the weave is even with the cut.

First, I measured the length of my table and added 4 inches. 2 for the inseams and 2 to hang over the edge. My table was 5 ft 11 ½ in which meant I measured and cut my burlap fabric at 6ft 3 ½ in.picture072

I decided to make the runner 16in wide and added 1 more inch for the inseam which meant I marked and cut at 17in. *If you are not using a factory edge you will want to allow for 2 inseams and give yourself an extra inch than I did.*


I then ironed out the wrinkles and marked a 1in inseam along the long edge of the burlap fabric. I folded the fabric in, pinned and ironed along that edge and then fed it through the machine to match the factory edge.picture076I measured, marked and cut the lace fabric at 7in long and 18in wide.

I marked, folded and pinned the short edges of the lace fabric and fed them through the machine as well. Lace fabrics can be tricky to sew! I found that loosening the tension and keeping the foot up helped.

Lastly, I pinned the two fabrics together, sewed them with the machine and trimmed all the long strings!picture081

I just LOVE the burlap and lace together; does it not  look so rustic yet pretty and chic?

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